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New Approach to Kids Education

One of the TOP CBSE schools in Sultanpur, As the torchbearers of knowledge and growth, we leave no stone unturned in providing an extraordinary learning experience to our students.

The Tiny Tots Public School was set up in 1989. Over the years, the schools have established a name for themselves as one of the Best CBSE school in Sultanpur. The Tiny Tots Public Schools introduced new ideas for the security, comfort and well being of their children. These facilities increase efficiency, protect children of tender age from air and noise pollution and provide the highest standards in hygiene, safety and security.

Play Ground

Playgrounds are the heart & soul of any campus since they are the wall of a healthy society. Our school has rich networks of courts & playfields.

Music and Dance

This is the place, where young musicians start their journey to become great composer & where the children unwind and learn the aesthetics of movement.

Arts and Crafts

Exposure to art and craft activities adds colour, joy and beauty to the lives of the students enhancing their creativity and self expression of students.

Safe Transportation

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Smart Classrooms

The school has Smart boards equipped with multimedia resources in the classrooms for classes Nursery to XII


The school has library that have a collection of 33,000 books, journals, periodicals and AV media.

Why Tiny Tots Public School?

Tiny Tots Public School maintains pace with the fast-changing trends and scope of education. The traditional classroom learning is consistently enhanced at every stage to expose the students to the technological shifts and competitions. The idea is to motivate and inspire the young minds for a fun oriented learning experience.

We provide bespoke teaching and learning opportunities in a diverse environment to help students thrive well in a multi-voiced school culture. We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum supported by extra-curricular activities, class presentations, debates, dramatics, sports, music, community service and much more to help in complete holistic development of the student.

It Takes a Leader to Inspire Another

At Tiny Tots Public School, we recognize the pivotal role of effective school leaders and managers in ensuring the highest quality education for our learners. To empower our educational leaders, we have implemented a comprehensive set of strategies and approaches. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is at the core of our efforts, encouraging our leaders to engage in ongoing training and development programs, including workshops and seminars that focus on leadership, management, and educational trends. In addition to CPD, we foster mentorship and coaching relationships, where experienced leaders mentor and share their knowledge with aspiring leaders, creating a dynamic and practical learning environment. Our custom-tailored Leadership Training Programs address the specific needs of our school leaders, honing their skills in leadership, conflict resolution, and effective communication.

Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers

Shahid Ahamad

Vice Principal

Santosh Srivastava


Mollie Ross

Dance Teacher

Donald John

Art Teacher


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