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About Us

Welcome To Tiny Tots Public School

Best School For Your Kids

Welcome to Tiny Tots Public School, Sutanpur a unique invigorating educational institute which is home to over 2000 bright, happy and motivated Students. The airy corridors hallowed arches and welcoming classrooms reverberate and resound with the excited and hands-on-learning of our Students.

Each child here is treated in a sensitive manner, provided with appropriate developmental programmes to encourage not just learning but also the love of learning. It also provides an environment that is safe, clean and healthy and child oriented. An environment where children are engaged, they explore and experience to make learning fruitful and fun.

Creativity and Novelty is infused into each Subject and Activity for a holistic development. Life at Tiny Tots Public School is an exciting roller coaster ride from which our Students never want to get off.

Life at Tiny Tots Public School is a multi hued tapestry each glowing thread woven with care and love.

The mental well being and spiritual development of our students which is so important today is given high priority Path breaking efforts have taken the School into the top echelons of education in a short span of first Six years.

Enroll your child now for a foundation that will lead to life long learning! Contact our School Counsellors Now!

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