Vission & Mission



Vission & Mission



Our mission is to provide each student a diverse education that promotes self-discipline, sense of responsibility, social and global consciousness and excellence in learning by providing Integrated Technology to make our students 'Future Ready'.

At the Tiny Tots Public, Sultanpur 'Happy Children and Secure Children' is the buzzword with learning things by Gaining Hands on experience by doing, thinking, problem solving, listening, talking, reading, playing and sharing.

Making learning joyous enrapturing and enriching.

To facilitate learning we will create inter disciplinary curricular and experiential pedagogical environment.

Create a space and resources for mentored students. Resources include workshops, speakers and seminars that could connect students to ideas.

Create a 'Welcoming School' culture of safety and care. "The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence"



Tiny Tots Public School envisions in imparting education which is relevant, innovative and inspiring, built on values which have anchored our country for more than 5000 years. Our students will be self-directed and reflective young people with a passion and curiosity for life equipped for leadership and community service.

Our environment will help the scholars to be spiritually, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and physically very strong. Our Prime Vision is to become Best School in Sultanpur & will do best efforts to achieve this.

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